Lecturers in Munich

Dr. Stefan Jagdhuber
LMU Munich
Dr. Vytautas Jankauskas
University of Konstanz
formerly LMU Munich

Julio Ramos Pires
LMU Munich
Dr. Christoph Schnellbach
LMU Munich

Lecturer in Vienna

Vincent F. Mo
Central European University

Lecturer in Prague

Prof. Dan Marek
Palacký University

All faculty members of the different EU Studies summer academies have studied and worked on social sciences and mostly political science at prominent universities in Europe. During their university career all teaching staff has focused on the European Union although concrete research foci differ, of course. The patrons of the EU Studies summer academies are prominent figures in the EU Studies academic community. The teaching staff and lecturers are as well part of the wide EU Studies network and regularly produce research papers and journal articles on EU-related topics. Besides lecturing himself in EU Studies summer academies, EU Studies Head Coordinator Dr. Stefan Jagdhuber is coordinating the academies by bringing together faculty members and the academy participants.

Each EU Studies summer academy is led by one course supervisor who teaches most of the sessions and serves as main contact person for the students during the course of the academy. If possible, different scholars and lecturers are invited to read seminar sessions on topics for which they are research expert. EU Studies summer academies hereby cap the number of course participants to a maximum of 20 students to allow for a productive learning environment.