Dr. Vytautas Jankauskas

Dr. Vytautas Jankauskas
Research Fellow
University of Konstanz

Short biography

Vytautas Jankauskas is Post-Doctoral research fellow at the University of Konstanz (Public Administration and Organization Theory) and a Visiting Scholar the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Geschwister-Scholl-Institute of Political Science), where he also obtained his PhD in Political Science (summa cum laude).

In his research, he examines International Organizations (IOs), exploring the relationship between member states and IO secretariats. His work deals with IO performance, issues of trust and evidence-based policymaking. He is also part of the DFG-Research-Unit International Public Administration (, working on evaluation in International Organizations as well as their different administrative styles.

Publications (peer-reviewed)

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Jankauskas, V. (2021): Delegation and Stewardship in International Organizations. Journal of European Public Policy. Online First, DOI:

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