EU Studies Head Coordinator

Dr. des. Stefan Jagdhuber,
Research Fellow
Chair for International Relations
LMU Munich

Stefan Jagdhuber is a Researcher Fellow at the Chair of International Relations at the LMU Munich. He studies political science, contemprorary history and sociology at the LMU Munich and spent two semesters on peace studies at the University of Bradford (UK) with an ERASMUS scholarship. 

Already during his MA, he started to work for the Chair of International Relations, Professor Dr. Berthold Rittberger, as research assistant. Under  Prof. Rittberger,'s guidance Stefan Jagdhuber soon specialized on EU Studies and his MA thesis analysed the European Parliament's empowerment in the negotiations leading to the establishment of the European External Action Service.

Stefan Jagdhuber's research focus is on theories of International Relations and European Integration that he uses to analyze the EU’s performance on the international scene as well as the integration trajectory of policies belonging to the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. He is the academic coordinator of the European Studies Programs of the Munich International Summer University.

Stefan Jagdhuber finished his dissertation at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich and attended several academic workshops and conferences in the United Kingdom, the USA, Italy and Belgium.